Saturday, 30 June 2012

Somthing regarding ContentTypeID query string parameter in listitem url

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This is again very basic blog but just writing; since I get confused between site and list content types and then spent some time on to get things clear.

In one of our project task, we were working on list items. When I saw list item URL it contains the one of the query string parameter ContentTypeID.

For ex. I added some items in Tasks list and checked the properties it shows the URL of list item as follows

<Site Url>/_layouts/listform.aspx?PageType=4&ListId={EC506158-BA24-4283-B931-ADCB6855F325}&ID=1&ContentTypeID=0x01080098850864CC156845BDB2687D80484128

I was wondering for the ContentTypeID query string parameter that how this Id formed. From ContentTypeID value it understood that 0x0108 is id of Task of content type id but then confused for 98850864CC156845BDB2687D80484128 id.

But after doing some research it found that this is ID for the list content type Task. So basically there are two types of content types

1.      Site Content Type.

2.      List Content Type.

So whenever we associate any content type to list it becomes a list content type. SharePoint makes the copy of original site content type with new id and associate with list. This new content type id is derived from the original site content type id.

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

'The language of this installation package is not supported by your system.” exception while installing SharePoint 2010

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This blog is only for general information.

I was installing SharePoint 2010 on my development environment having Windows 7 OS. Did all the required changes for installing SharePoint 2010 for Windows 7 as per given on .

When started the setup file getting the error “The language of this installation package is not supported by your system.” 

As per the instructions, since we cannot use PrerequisteInstaller.exe on Windows 7 we need to do some manual changes.  To perform the manual changes we need to extract the set up file and need to do some changes in config.xml in setup folder. I did the changes and save and started the set up but some error.

After doing some research, it found that I extracted the set up file using WinZip software which is installed on my machine and after extracting folder structure looks like as follows:

But instruction says that using command /extract from the command prompt. I noticed this difference and again tried by extracting the setup file using extract command from command prompt. After extracting using extract command from command prompt folder structure looked like 

And then I could install server successfully.

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