Saturday, 4 August 2012

Small finding related to Social Following feature of SharePoint 2013

Hello Again,

Finally after long waiting SharePoint 2013 beta released J so started digging down into it. While going down list of new features, one really impressive social feature is site and document following. So as user I can follow the sites / documents so I will get the notifications of updates of respective followed sites / documents. Here I will just share the my small finding regarding the following J

After digging into more details, there is library called Social on user’s personal site. Whenever user follows any site or document one item is added in this list. This list has all the details regarding user’s sites / document followings are stored. This list has following two views

1.      Followed Sites View : Used to show all the sites which user is following
2.      Followed Documents View : Used to show all the documents which user is following

Using list view webpart (Social app in SharePoint 2013) and setting appropriate view it shows the result for Sites / documents user is following
But sites which I am following webpart show all the sites which as user I am currently following. But then what if I want to see only the community sites (or any specific type of site) which I am following.

Social list has one field SubType (even though currently on UI it seen that this field belongs to Followed Document content type and not Sites or Followed Items content type  but for documents the value of SubType field is always  -1) which represents the SiteTemplateId. New community site has the template ID 62. So one approach could be the create new view derived from existing Followed Sites view and have filter on SubType field, in this case SubType equal to 62.

Enjoy learning J