Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Couldn’t change credentials while log in to Team Foundation Server using Team Explorer for Visual Studio 2012

Hello All,

Today again with new problem and solution J last couple of month very busy with project so couldn’t get chance to share some problems/issues and resolutions.

We have started with new project and using Team Explorer for Visual Studio 2012 to connect Team Foundation Server. We have ultimate version of Visual Studio 2012.

Problem: Each time we are connecting to Team Foundation Server, we didn’t get prompt for credentials. TFS is always getting connected with the credentials which were entered first time while connecting. We couldn’t connect to TFS with different account. We have OS Windows 2012 Standard edition.

Solution: After doing some research it found that Windows caches the credentials. To clear out this cache please use following steps

1.      Go To Control Panel

2.      Click on User Accounts as

3.      Select Credential Manager >> Manage Windows Credentials as

4.      On Credential Manager screen you will find that Windows has stored the credentials as

5. Please remove the both “Windows Credentials” and “Generic Credentials”.

6.      Restart your Visual Studio and while connecting to TFS you will get prompted for new credentials.


As usual your comments / feedback / suggestions are always welcome.

Enjoy reading J