Friday, 31 January 2014

Site feed web part is not visible in the list of web parts while provisioning web part on pages of sub sites even though Site Feed feature is activated on the web.

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Long-time back again, busy with projects :) Today sharing something regarding Site Feed web part.

We have requirement to add the Site Feed web part on sub site of our publishing portal. But when we went trying for adding Site Feed web part manually on sub site we couldn't find it. 

Fig 1: Web Parts available to provision on the page

Actually Site Feed web part should be available in Social Collaboration group.

Our initial thought that web level feature “Site Feed” was not activated and so we activated the feature. But even after activating the feature also we couldn't find the Site Feed web part, same result. This is really surprising. Ideally after activating “Site Feed” feature web part should be available in web part list, ready to provision on page.

Then we took a look at feature definition of “Site Feed” feature and Feature.xml file looks like as follows:

Fig 2: Feature.xml file for “Site Feed” feature

The above feature has two manifest files and “webpartdwpfiles.xml” file has the module which provision this web part in web part galleries as shown in following figure

Fig 3: Module element for provisioning the Site Feed web part in web part gallery

Actual problem lies in the above Module definition. Module has the attribute which says RootWebOnly=”TRUE”.  So we need to activate this feature on root web also and then on sub site where we require the Site Feed feature.

After activating “Site Feed” feature on root web, we can add the web part on sub sites also.


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