Monday, 8 September 2014

SharePoint Online / Office 365 : SharePoint Online Management Shell Installation

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Nowadays I started exploring Office 365/SharePoint Online. This is my first post related to SharePoint Online so I thought should start from scratch, i.e. from installing SharePoint Online Management Shell and I’ll continue to sharing my experience in coming posts.

I have my free trial subscription and then first step I started to writing CSOM based PowerShell scripts. This means implanting CSOM code in PowerShell script. This approach seems to be a very useful since there is very limited set of PowerShell cmdlets available for SharePoint Online.
So here for me first step is to install the SharePoint Online Management Shell on my local dev and connect to SharePoint Online. My local dev machine OS is Windows 7.

I have downloaded the SharePoint Online Management Shell from . As I started installing it, got an exception as shown in following figure

Fig 1. Exception while installation of SharePoint Online Management Shell on Windows 7
So PowerShell 3.0 is prerequisite for SharePoint Online Management Shell. PowerShell 3.0 is the part of Windows Management Framework 3.0. Windows 7 must have Service Pack 1 for successful installation of PowerShell 3.0.

We can download Windows Management Framework 3.0 from . Installing Windows Management Framework 3.0 requires machine restart. After machine restart I could successfully install the SharePoint Online Management Shell.

Installation of SharePoint Management Shell creates the following folder structure on local file system. It also adds the SharePoint client assemblies.

Fig 2. Folder structure locally created after installation of SharePoint Management Shell

Now next step is to connect SharePoint online through script and do some hands on. I’ll share my hands on experiences in coming posts.

Introduction to the SharePoint Online management shell:

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This is a good start Prasham. Then this will be good knowledge store for O365 initiator. Keep it Up....