Friday, 26 December 2014

Usage analytics reports options (“Most Popular Items” and “Most Popular Trends”) are not available on Post or other lists

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Today new interesting and my favourite feature related issue and solutionJ. Our customer has reported the issue like they couldn’t see usage analytics reports options “Most Popular Items”, “Popularity Trends” for their post list. Like 

These are the two types of Usage analytics reports which SharePoint 2013 creates.

So we started investigation and first point to check is whether site collection level “Reporting” feature is activated or not.

“Reporting” feature is activated on site collection level. Also when we saw “Pages” library or “Document Libraries” these options are available. But not available for “Posts” list or some other lists in the site.

After googling bit in MS article “View usage reports in SharePoint Server 2013 ( )” it is mentioned that “Usage reports are only available for Usage reports are only available for Document Libraries and Product Catalog lists”.

Now, it’s clear that why these options are available only for “Pages” and “Document Libraries”. But our customer wants these options for “Post” list so one of the possible options is to activate the site collection level “Cross Site Publishing” feature.

But as soon as we activate this feature, “Catlogs Settings” one extra option under List/Library settings becomes available for all the lists and libraries in the Site collection.

From this “Catalog Settings” page we can actually enable list / library as a catalog.

Interestingly “Cross Site Publishing” feature is dependent on “Reporting” feature. If you try to activate the “Cross Site Publishing” feature without “Reporting” feature you will get feature dependency error as

The feature being activated is a Site Collection scoped feature which has a dependency on a Site Collection scoped feature which has not been activated. Please activate the following feature before trying again: Reporting 7094bd89-2cfe-490a-8c7e-fbace37b4a34

Once we have activated the “Cross Site Publishing” feature for all the lists we could see the usage analytics reports options J

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Jasmin said...


Still i got result as 0 for popularity item.

Moey G said...

This still display a zero count,