Friday, 2 January 2015

Office 365 / SharePoint online: Content search web part – Caching

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Today, very small sharing regarding one new feature “Group Cache” of Content Search web part. This feature is not available in on premise version only for SharePoint online.

We have one requirement for our Office 365 site and for this we added Content Search web part. While changing query and settings found one new option “Caching” under “SETTINGS” tab which is not available in Content Search web bart in farm.

So found new and interesting setting so googled…

This is the way to improve the page performance, since it caches the result for 15 minutes.

This feature is introduced in March 14.

There is very good blog which addresses almost all the scenarios of this Caching option. , please have a look once.

That’s all here for now. I’ll try to keep posting such interesting things.


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